Raised Beds

I have been hankering to expand on the gardening adventures my children and I have taken by making a raised bed, and this year, I am going for it. On Saturday, my daughter and I headed to Home Depot for supplies. I am basing my design ones found on websites: Organic Gardening and Popular Mechanics. The first has a great plan for an inexpensive enclosure and the second details a way to create ribbing to hold poles and netting to keep the critters out. My daughter loved watching the lumber being cut there. I didn’t want to strap a 16 foot long 2 x 12 to the top of my small car. She chattered away excitedly as we put soil, pvc piping, deck screws and a few other odds and ends in the cart. She helped push it through the store and watched as I loaded the materials in. Upon our arrival home, she helped unload. Sunday, we will build the bed and fill it with compost and soil. We might even poke in some peas and see if they make it.


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