Raised Bed Day 2

The frame takes shape with the middle support in place and one of the corner supports attached.

The frame, upside down, next to the trench for leveling and partly burying the sides. Note the PVC pipes attached inside for the netting frame.

Sunday morning saw a trip to Home Depot to clear space at home for my wife to tutor a student. I also needed some shorter deck screws to attach the pipe straps for the inside of the raised bed, but I am getting ahead of myself. While at the store, my daughter picked out two packets of mixed flower seeds. She is getting excited.






I filled the box with all of the compost from our two composters which had completely filled up. We can start composting again. I imagine there are some very happy seeds in there that will show up this year.


With topsoil added over the compost. I also then stapled down some netting to keep cats and squirrels out as much as possible. We’ll see how that works. Joe’s flower stands happily in its new home.

We started work after her quiet time. First we assembled all the tools and materials. I hacked away at a tree stump that has been a pain to mow around, and in the end, I just covered it with the raised bed. We screwed the four sides together, affixed the middle support and the corner supports, and started trenching where the sides sat to enable it to be slightly buried and to level the box. Through this process, my daughter helped by doing a little of the drilling and screw driving with my hands on the tools to help. Just at the end of this process, our neighbors came over to join the fun with their three daughters. They really had a blast with my daughter in filling the box with the stinky compost from our composters. By this time, my wife came down with my son, so we had five kids and three adults in our backyard having a good afternoon. Next up, netting and seeds.


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