A Steep Climb

On Thursday, I arrived a little early to pick up my daughter from her school. I often do just so I can be on time and so that my son has time to ride around on a tricycle in the basement of the school before the bigger kids get there and zoom around at speeds that are not safe for my son or for them. Thursday, however, was pleasant, and one of the other parents was there with his daughter who will be in class with my son next year. We chatted away as the two played on the playground structure. Suddenly, my son was at the top of one of the more advanced ladder structures to climb up to the top platform. The ladder is made of vertical hoops that are almost as tall as he is, and they rise at an incline that end much taller than he is. He loved climbing up and never had an unsure moment on the equipment. Obviously he was ready; I sure wasn’t. My heart was in my throat the whole time!


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