Planting Peas

Saturday morning, I got out of bed when my son started making noise. I changed his horrible morning diaper and headed downstairs to try to catch a bit more sleep before the official wake up time. I did shut my eyes, but he started banging and yelling, so sleep wasn’t to be had. My wife got the kids up and out of bed, but she had to leave shortly thereafter. I made breakfast while she got ready, and then it was a full day of solo parenting.

I had hoped for slightly warmer weather, but it was still fairly cool. After a run for groceries and more supplies for the raise bed, I gave the kids lunch and put my son to sleep. Luckily, he had a long nap even though he fell asleep in the car during the morning. After finally catching a bit of down time, I took my daughter outside where she planted her new pink dragonfly in various spots around the garden, and we worked together to plant three rows of peas and a row of beets. The hum of the monitor told us that my son was asleep, and we just had a nice, if chilly, time in the yard playing in the garden. These seeds may or may not grow, but my daughter was so excited to do the planting that it doesn’t matter if we have a terrible fail rate. We have seeds in the ground.


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