Fits and Starts

Monday, another full day with the kids, I spent the morning waiting for and then watching the furnace repairman do repairs on the downstairs furnace. It is so nice to find someone who is not trying to sell us a bill of goods. He does good work and charges a fair price. My son enjoyed watching the whole thing.

In the afternoon, I knocked off a few projects with my daughter. She understands that if she puts something on my desk right in front of my monitors, it is more likely to get done. After that, we started some lettuce and tomato seeds. My daughter’s school has a birthday tradition that the birthday child hands out flowers to her classmates and teachers. I thought it would be neat to give a seedling instead, and my daughter jumped right on board with that idea.

When my son woke up from his afternoon nap, we went into the back yard, and I planted a row of carrot seeds while the two of them played with a toy car that their saba gave them. We all got some good outdoors time in. The kids had a blast watering the raised bed. I can’t wait to see how they both react when the seeds actually start sprouting.


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