Power of Two

My son turned two in December, and recently he has started exploring how to communicate his displeasure in very unmistakable ways. It starts with a high whiny voice saying, “No,” which is followed by a quick escalation to a scream of the same word. We don’t yet have any falling on the ground or any of the other common two year-old ways of showing displeasure. It all revolves around things he thinks he should do and is very upset when he is not allowed. There are very real instances of when this is a good thing. He is not allowed to play with kitchen knives. However, there are times when the situation that is frustrating him stems from my internal image of his capabilities not measuring up to what he is really developmentally able to do. When we have the opportunity to move at his pace, often after I have dropped of my daughter for the morning at her school, we have a half day of lots of yes. Not surprisingly, he is a happy camper in these times. The other day, we arrived home from the school drop off, and I wanted to put the trash cans and recycling bin back. My son really wanted to pull one of the cans himself, so I let him. He was so happy to be doing something real and by himself.

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