If You Can’t Beat Them…

…Have them join you. We have tried to establish a 7:00 start to the day with our kids. My daughter will sleep until 7:00 or later some days if given a chance, but our human-powered alarm clock won’t let her or anyone else in the house sleep that late. He has been more and more insistent about getting attention as early as 5:30 in the morning. This starts with the dropping of the pacifier on the wood floor, escalates through talking and singing, and reaches a sustained apogee with screaming and kicking the wall. I tried, a while ago, to move his bed away from the wall, but that resulted in him falling out. Finally, I decided to get up with him on Thursday morning to at least give my wife and daughter a chance to sleep in. Of course he chose to get up on the earliest side of his range, so I was groggily trying to change him, feed him, and recline on the sofa while he tried to engage me in games at 5:30 in the morning. I will do this again, but I also moved his bed away from the wall again. We’ll see how this goes on a morning when I am actually trying to get myself out the door.


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