Local Compost

Having completed the raised bed, we now have space in both composters to get the system moving again. I have a rotating drum composter that has two compartments. Into this one, I toss our vegetable food scraps. When one side gets full, I close it off and start filling the other while the first finishes composting. The result of this is then dumped into a more traditional top-in, bottom-out style composter which also gets some yard clippings and waste. For brown material, I get sawdust from a local artists’ hackerspace, and for nitrogen, I go to Starbucks with a bucket every once in a while. I pick up the bucket later in the day and dump the coffee grounds in the drum composter. It gets cooking after that. Last week, I took my son in the stroller to pick up the grounds, and then we walked back together as the bucket rode in style in the stroller. I did get a few odd looks as I walked down the sidewalk with a very aromatic stroller and walking toddler.


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