Then There Was Friday

One of my biggest take aways from the faculty and parent meeting at my school was that it forced me to realize that my daughter would be entering school with students whose parents had not sheltered them much or at all from the recent events. As Friday unfolded, it was clear that my wife and I were preoccupied with the news. It was an amazing blessing to have my mom here to help during the day of lockdown that ensued. We spent the entire day inside as tweets and facebook posts kept us updated on the search and the status of friends in the area. When my son went down for a nap, my wife and I talked with our daughter about Monday and the events going on that were keeping us inside on a perfectly nice spring day. She listened and asked good questions, and she expressed her upsetness at someone making such bad choices and hurting people. As expected, she also had a lot of difficulty with the 8 year-old boy’s death. Friday’s conversation is, of course, only the beginning of helping her deal with this situation. She will process and react. One of the hardest conversations to date with my children. I did go through this with my homerooms during both 9/11 and the Haitian earthquake. This post is not too coherent, but that is a reflection of this last week’s events. I am thankful for the friends and family who have kept connected during this time.  I am so thankful for my wife and that my mother is here in town. I am so thankful that my kids are awesome and wonderful and alive.

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