The End of Hand-Me-Downs

We have been extraordinarily blessed with hand-me-downs from friends to clothe our children. They pass us almost the entire wardrobe for our children including winter coats and jackets. We have bought some shoes and boots, underwear, and some socks. Other than that, much of our clothes have been free or close to it. My daughter, however, has hit that part of life when she has stopped growing quite as fast and has caught up with our clothes donors in size. My wife and I took advantage of my mother’s visit to hop over to a thrift store and do a quick shopping. We are lucky to have a fully stocked kids section in our local store, so getting some variety was fairly easy. The discussions when my daughter was trying on her new clothes re-revealed the differences that my wife and I have about clothing. We have both shifted a lot on this topic, but there are still areas that are difficult. It is a process that has its ups and downs, and our shopping and trying on experience contained both of those.

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