Right of Assembly

Wednesday is my daughter’s birthday. She will go to school, flanked by her mother and grandmother who will stay to parent help for the day, bearing lettuce seedlings to give to her classmates, and bouncing from the excitement. On the weekend, she will have a get together with her friends.

Tuesday night, however, was an assembly of quite a different nature, an assembly of toys. I tackled the doll house first, and it went together pretty easily. The directions were shrunk down to fit a small piece of paper and were nearly unreadable to my aging eyes, but the design made sense. There were a few wooden dowels that were easy to poke out and then stress the joints, so I glued them up. Other than that, there were no hiccups. I love the ability to rearrange doors, windows, and walls in this house.

Next came the bike which offered more challenge as I am not well versed in bike maintenance.  I did manage it with the help of a few youtube videos. I still have to adjust the seat and handlebars to her height, and then I have to adjust the brakes to the handlebar height.

Oddly enough, there was only one piece left over that I have no idea where it belongs. I know it came from the bike, but what it does there, I have no idea. I will send a pic to the bike store and ask them. I am really excited to see how much my daughter enjoys her new toys.


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