Fabulous Five

chocolate chip banana bread with mango cream cheese icing

The day of the party arrived, and my daughter was easily upset in the morning. Her excitement was high, so she got closer and closer to people. She is an extrovert, and this is how she finds comfort. Unfortunately, she tries to get closeness by whining and being upset which is not the energy we wanted to put into the day. Both my wife and I are introverts, so it is hard sometimes to summon the energy needed to pour into our daughter.

We brought food for an army down to the park at the end of our street, and a lovely group of my daughter’s friends assembled around her in the spectacular spring day. My daughter had a wonderful time playing with her friends, eating the food, and running around among the flowers and chirping birds. My son had a pretty good time, too.

It really felt like a community of parents, and the mob of five year-olds was fun to watch.


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