First Lego

My daughter received a fire station Lego kit for her birthday. It is a small kit that has directions for building a fire truck, a rescue helicopter, the idea of a station, a training structure, and a few assorted accessories to these models. The complexity of the set is just right to push my daughter to see how to build using directions. We worked on a few of them together at the beginning of her quiet time on Monday, and she then worked on a few others on her own. She needed a bit of help putting some of the smaller pieces together, but it is clear she is learning how to do it herself. I am extremely happy with this development because Legos were one of my favorite toys growing up. With the puzzles, Legos, doll house, soccer, baseball, and other toys she is now enjoying, I am entering the zone of play that I have been waiting for.

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  1. Swimming. Don’t forget swimming. Signed, Grandma Fish

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