Out of the Routine

Usually on Wednesdays, I get up with my son and sometimes my daughter joins us. I get them through changes and breakfast as I get myself ready to go to school. An amazing family at our daughter’s preschool gives her a ride home after her extended day, and she joins the nanny share of my son and another kid his age. I then get dinner started, and my wife arrives from her work to pitch in with dinner, bath, and bed.

This Wednesday was anything but routine. My daughter chose to stay in bed, thank goodness that she got more sleep, and my son was cranky. He is usually a delight in the morning. My wife dropped kids off at school and nanny share, but then had to return to get my son to a house in our babysitting co-op. I then left work a smidge early to collect my daughter from school and hop the bus to get my son. By the time we got home from there, all three of us were exhausted. For dinner, I fed the kids their lunchtime sandwiches which both had not eaten, and then I crashed on the couch while they played for a while. My son took ten second naps on my chest as a game, but he was also communicating he was tired. I peeled myself up and got the kids in the bath at which point my wife got home from her very long day. We got them through the end of bedtime routine on a day that was far from routine.

It is good to get something so different once in a while to give a bit of perspective on what our routine is and if it is working. As I write this on Wednesday night, however, I am too tired to make any sense of the day. It happened, it worked, and I’m ready for bed.

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