Pictures of Pee

Friday night I worked at my daughter’s preschool helping to set up for the annual spring fair rummage sale. It was fun working with a few others determining prices that attendees couldn’t resist. The idea is to get people to buy stuff that other people really don’t want. In some cases, the items are nice and are just outgrown or not needed anymore. However, there are always some donations that are just work for someone after the sale to take to a thrift shop that also doesn’t want the items. A plastic, hinged shirt folder, a hideous novelty liquor bottle with slowly seeping liquid, and a few too-well-used items that just didn’t seem sanitary enough were just a few of the items that kept us laughing and lowering the prices.

In the midst of this, my phone chimed to let me know I had a text. My text ring tone is the sound sequence from Close Encounters, and it invariably brings a smile to people of a certain generation. It also is the only phone I have heard using this tone, so when everyone else is busily pulling out their phones when someone’s goes off, I know it is not mine.

This time, I was greeted by a picture of a potty with pee in it. I laughed. I was in the right company to appreciate this. My son managed his first use of the potty. We have put them in the bathrooms for a while, and he occasionally sits on them with clothes on. A few times he has requested clothes off or has done it when ready for bath. This time, however, he spent some time in the evening on the downstairs one, and then before bath sat upstairs and peed. It might only be a room of toddlers’ parents who would all immediately clap at this news.


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