500th Post!

Five hundred is a fairly large number for days posting. There may be a few days with double posts, and there were some all posted on the same day when I moved this blog from the tumbler that I began with. However, it is pretty much five hundred consecutive, daily posts. In celebration, I have a few copies of Food for Thoughtful Parenting to give away. If you would like one, please let me know.

Another book, one much weightier, that I have recently started is Positive Discipline. I have used the classroom version of this book for many years, and it has formed the core of my conflict resolution and positive environment building. The first edition of the book was far less filled with lists, but the new version still has quite a bit of good information tucked away. 

One sentence in my recent reading stood out. “Take the time to close your eyes and remember a recent time (or a time during your childhood) when someone tried to motivate you to do better by trying to make you feel bad.” While this is never the strategy I aim for, I know sometimes the words from my mouth have that result. I will bring this idea to the front as I talk to my children, especially when they frustrate me, and try to find other ways to find shared solutions and effective discipline.

As significant as five hundred days feels in a blog, it is a drop in the bucket over the span of days raising a child. 


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