Lots of People

Last week, I balanced the Monday and Thursday experiences out in the morning with my son. Monday was the beach, and Thursday was the city. My son has become attached to taking my daughter’s butterfly backpack out when we go, so he put his snack in it, and we hopped the train downtown after dropping my daughter at her school. This was rush hour, so the cars were packed with people. My son’s reaction, “Lots of people,” didn’t diminish as the the morning wore on. We transferred at Park Street which is always full of folks, and then crammed onto a green line train. We finally got off at Copley where we walked among the tourists and business people. “Lots of people,” became a refrain. We stopped in at my school which was strangely empty with the students on a field trip, but those who were there gave him some lovely attention. We dove back into the fray to get back to my daughter’s school where I left the stroller. All that walking and stimulation had my son asleep minutes after I put him in. I walked to the nearby public library and killed some time while he slept before we picked up my daughter. One the way back to the school to get her, we were passed by several emergency vehicles going full tilt, and we walked by a huge pneumatic drill breaking up some concrete. None of this stirred my son as he slept the morning’s adventures off. Getting home to quiet time and nap was a blessing as it had indeed been, “Lots of people.”


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