Wandering: Flowers and Paper

As my son exerts his sleep pattern on the household, one consequence is a slightly later bedtime. In the evening on Wednesday, I took the kids for a walk before dinner to get some fresh air, to see the flowers that are bursting from every direction, and to experience a new art installation at our local library. The fresh and cool air was wonderful after being cooped up all day, and it helps calm the kids and ready them for sleep. The flowers are amazing. We are in the midst of lilacs and wisteria with tulips fading and irises promising a new round of color and smell. We even passed a fragrant bed of roses.

The art this time is a collection of paper cuttings by Violet Byrd. I absolutely love the organic shapes and whimsical names. They remind me of the characters in children’s books. It would be fun to find a way to use these as illustrations in stories, and the stories themselves would flow from the curves of the creatures.

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  1. Lovely. Walks in the evening with lilacs and wisteria.

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