Sick Day

I have been pretty fortunate this winter to avoid most of the colds going around. This one, however, sneaked up on me and slowly got to the point that I could not go in to work on Tuesday. I think full days of childcare on Sunday and Monday added to the punch of the cold as did some of the pollen floating around. All together, they put me on my back for a day. My wife did a great job of giving me space in the house to just rest and get better while she ran interference with the kids. I did accomplish picking up the car with the new tire and going to the dentist. I called beforehand to tell them I was sick, but they said no problem, so I am feeling better and have super clean teeth.

I was able to help bits and pieces of childcare on Tuesday, but it was never too much to make me exhausted. What a wonderful gift from my wife.


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