Meditation on Yardwork

Mulched blueberries, trimmed bushes, mowed lawn. It will look good for a few days!

Suddenly everything is lush and green outside. This is wonderful, yet at the same time, it means there is a lot in the yard to take care of. With cold and wet weather along with the regular business of life, I have not done much yardwork this year until now. Sunday changed that. I did the basic mow and trim and then set in on a project to thin out an evergreen bush that had been damaged by the winter’s snows. I used some of the clippings from that to mulch the new blueberry bushes in hopes that the clippings would provide more acid to the soil as they broke down as well as help retain some of the water that now just runs over the dry earth around the bushes.

It is a lot of work, but it is also in the sun and fresh air, among the birdsong and plants. It is not with my children. And this makes it a meditation of sorts. It is a chance to clear my head and to accomplish something very concrete and attainable.

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