Pesky Rodent!

I had a great plan for the day. I was going to wear my son out and feed him lunch on the way home from picking up my daughter from school. He stays awake to eat, but otherwise would fall asleep, not transfer, and make the afternoon with my daughter’s chorus practice very hard.

After dropping off my daughter in the morning, we headed home. I ate my breakfast finally. I cleared out some dishes and packed my son’s lunch. I then had him walk much of the way back to pick up my daughter. We stopped at a playground near the school so my son could further wear himself out and play with a few kids of his age. It was great. Usually this playground is swamped with kids, but there were just two others.

And there was a vigilant squirrel. It sneaked into the diaper bag, pulled out the sandwich I had packed, and happily sat on the handlebar munching it up. Luckily, I had just enough other food to keep my son’s droopy eyelids up until we got home.

Of course, he did not nap but stayed up throughout naptime. Best laid plans…


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