Screams Outside Are Quieter

When the kids are kvetchy and especially in the evening as we head toward dinner time, I will often take the kids out on a walk. Sometimes we have a destination in mind as we did on Sunday. We headed to the grocery store to pick up some essentials. It gives my daughter a good walk, my son a ride or walk depending on the amount of time available, and both of them receive fresh air. The constant repetitive chatter from my daughter and the occasional screeches from my son get drowned out by the passing cars, buses, planes, and other city noise. They are not bothering our neighbors if they are not at home to run and jump on their ceiling, and they tend to be less fussy when they are outside anyway. It is a win-win. Even when I am exhausted and want to just collapse on the sofa, it is easier to walk, and in turn the walk makes the rest of the evening easier, too.

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