Have a Great Weekend

Teachers headed out for a three day weekend often say, “Have a great long weekend!” with a sigh of relief and the camaraderie that comes with being in the trenches together. Especially at the end of the school year when all is hectic and the students smell vacation around the corner. These two years of being part time, however, put a new twist on the Monday holidays for me. My wife usually has to work either at school or on a project on these days, so I just get an extra day with the kids. Since I already get full days on a regular basis, this is not a precious as it will be next year when I go back full time to work. Then the special days of being home with kids will be much more rare. As it is, I get a full day with both kids, but my usual options are mostly unavailable to me as the rest of the population is out in force doing the same things. Any random Monday or Thursday, I can go places with my kids and have them mostly to ourselves.

Memorial Day, thus, was an exercise in being together the whole day, avoiding large crowds, and having some fun. We started the day visiting another dad who solos often and playing in their back yard. That was great. My kids had a blast, we got to catch up about parenting and much more, and the morning blew by. Unfortunately, my son got so tired that he fell asleep in the car, so he never settled at home for his nap.

In the afternoon, we put together my daughter’s new bike only to find that the handlebar stem bolt was bent. We hopped over to Home Depot, but they didn’t have a replacement part. I ended up bending it back in my vice, but I will call customer service to get a replacement.

Then things started falling apart fast as evening wore on, and I made the executive decision that bath was not necessary. Dinner was followed by the ritual reading of books and singing of songs. The kids were quiet after I left them, and I went downstairs and turned into a vegetable.

Monday holidays are so much more work than other days, but they are also pretty awesome.


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