And More Books (and Math)

Two library trips ago, I picked up The Raja’s Rice, because it highlighted a female protagonist who used math to solve a problem. My daughter and wife, a math teacher, loved the book. My wife requested more math books, so this time around I featured them in three of the four selections. The other was another Seuss, The Sleep Book, which my daughter read at my parents’ house when we visited. The others were Length, Edgar Allan Poe’s Pie, and Infinity and Me.

The sleep book was a hit as it was at my parents’ house. My daughter made reference to the sleep counting machine the other day as she was going to bed.

Length and Poe’s Pie were a bit of a disappointment. Length could be used to teach the concept of length, but it wasn’t all that engaging. Poe’s Pie will be great when my daughter is a bit older. The poems and their associated math puzzles will be fun to read, but they are way above my five year-old’s head.

Infinity and Me, however, was a delight. The girl protagonist asks a wide range of people in her community about the meaning of infinity, and each answer is beautifully illustrated. This was a just right math book featuring a girl. Another winner.


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