The First Time

I don’t remember the first baseball game I attended. I am sure it was in the company of my close friend whose family took me to countless games over the course of middle and high school and on whose floor I sat and watched even more on their T.V.  I do remember that baseball was a very important piece of our friendship as she told me of crushes on different players and we collected beer-drenched souvenir cups from beneath bleacher seats after games. These cups were cleaned and became one of the toys we played with. There are so many stories from the man who always pushed his long hair over his face and donned glasses to the chants of, “Left field sucks!”

Saturday, with tickets offered by friends, my daughter and I attended her first baseball game. She will grow up a Red Sox fan because this is her city. Hopefully, she can have those stories of ball park adventures woven into her fabric the way the Cardinals are in mine. It was appropriate for her to be there with one of her good buddies who is an avid baseball fan. Their excitement was a great first step.

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