Counterfeit Coral

With the morning to burn and not much motivation for planning, I just jumped on the T with the kids with the idea of spending Sunday morning walking along the waterfront downtown. After some fun in the fountains on the Greenway, a bathroom break took us to the Aquarium where we still have a membership through sometime in August. Very convenient bathroom!

I had seen a poster somewhere that the central fish tank was reopened, so we checked it out. The turtle were happily (who knows if they are happy) swimming their paths, and there was a bevvy of divers attaching the decorations to the cement rock formations in the very tall cylinder of water. These fake foam corals and sponges were being applied with pliers to pre-set anchors in the “rocks.” My kids were fascinated to watch the people work as they put these brightly colored touches to finish the rehabbing of this huge tank.

After watching the harbor seals being fed, doing tricks, and getting their teeth brushed, we headed home.

I am sure the fish and turtles don’t really care about the funny decorations or how bright they are. It seems an fairly large expense to make the exhibit appealing to the visitors. My kids thought the divers were cool, but having divers in the tank all the time would probably be more expensive than a few bits of foam.


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