End of an Era

Nanny shares have been very good to us. We have found wonderful families and caregivers to provide a nurturing and developmentally appropriate social environment for both children. My daughter had several different nannies and families, and my son has, too. On Wednesday, that era came to a close. Our nanny share finished, and next year he will be in preschool. There will be need for some childcare, but the regularly-scheduled, full-day, in-home care is probably finished.

I am sure I will get better perspective over time, but here are my thoughts on nanny shares. They are certainly cost effective. They provide a regular playmate for socialization at a young age. We were able to find families we enjoyed and shared values with. The nannies, for the most part, were wonderful. The biggest sticking points were communication when there was no contract and then communication issues when there were contracts. Occasionally, there were just times when the nanny, me, my wife, and the other families could not find common ground on an issue, and then we moved on. However, that did not happen often, and the bounce back was pretty quick. Some of the best nannies were able to take the kids out on the bus or T at the drop of a hat and had amazing flexibility to meet our scheduling needs.

We will still need some regular childcare providers, but I think my son’s entrance into school changes the nature of that need. It just feels like the end of one stage of our lives.

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  1. Doors closing; doors opening. Sadness at times.

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