New Use of Old Toys

My wife bought a train table with some storage bins beneath it. This large table was stored at the library until Thursday when I could bring it home amid all of the crazy driving around I did during the day. I had to hurry to get there after dropping off my daughter because it was supposed to rain, and part of the table had to be strapped to the roof rack on my car. I made it to the shop, a second hand store that benefits a very nice branch library, and the people there looked after my son as I stowed the table in and on the car. When we arrived home, my son “helped” me carry each piece to the house. I then put the table together, but this made the playroom completely full of furniture, so I had to do some rearranging. The small round table went into the porch that needs to be cleaned out anyway. The Ikea tent, a fabulous buy and center of attention for a while, went up into the kids’ bedroom where they immediately wanted to play with it again. The doll house went where the tent had been which was now a very bright spot, and it got more attention, too.

It feels great to be getting more use from the train table that has already served one family very well. It also feels great to freshen up interest in some toys we had by just moving their location.


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