My son is squarely in the twos. He desperately wants to control the world around him and clearly voices his displeasure when that does not happen. He also loves using his language skills to ask for things in an ever increasing volume and pitch. We are working on giving him more constructive ways of communicating his frustrations or asking for things he wants. Patience is a new concept, or it is one being revisited in such a new way as be foreign once more.

Recently, he has started flipping out when my wife leaves. My daughter did this, too, and it does break my heart a little. When I walk out the door, he just says, “Bye Daddy.” When she walks out the door, it takes me a few minutes to get him out of his screaming fit. With all the nights I have held him, with all of the solo parenting days, with all of the adventures we have gone on, I feel a bit short changed. I actually don’t want him screaming when either of us leave, but I feel I put the time in to be screamed for. Ah well, logically I can understand, but emotionally I feel second place.


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