Bustin’ the Crib

My wife and I have never really managed to squeeze our combined stuff into our shared space, and now with her materials coming home from school, the issue was forced. She took one of the cars to school and returned with boxes that have no home. This began the conversation and cascade of action as we look at all of the space in the house and decide what to do with the things that are there.

On Sunday while my wife was away, the kids and I dismantled the crib that had been standing empty for quite some time. Sheets, mattress pads, a broken humidifier, and a fan had taken up residence inside, but they were given new homes. In its places, we moved the boxes of clothing that the kids will still need. The boxes of small clothing and baby paraphernalia went down stairs and are stacked next to the aforementioned boxes from my wife’s work. The disassembled crib is stacked in the porch where other things to leave the house are gathering like a gang of malcontents. We must move them out.

Sunday night, my wife and I went through the junk we had been keeping in the trunks of the cars. We whittled the stuff down to a remarkably small amount. Out went the piles of maps, old jacks, and much else. This was the first step in our ambitious plan to evaluate and streamline our space usage.


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  1. My motto: When in doubt, throw it out.

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