Summer Hecticity

On the weeks when my wife is doing training, I had wanted to have both kids with me. This would allow us to follow whatever schedule we wanted and be creative in our planning of the day. However, there was an opportunity for my daughter to take part in a camp in which she helps take care of animals at a farm we visit often. Thus, this week she is having a farm week, and my son and I are having a driving her back and forth week. I just managed to squeak by some very bad traffic, but as a subway commuter during off hours, it was a brutal shock to the system to be in a car when many other people are in their cars. They really don’t seem happy to be in their cars, and they take lots of opportunities to share their frustrations. I had to really work not to comment on them in front of the kids, and I had to explain to my daughter the few times I did catch my breath as someone zoomed by on the shoulder or did some other maneuver.

So this week, my daughter learns animal husbandry, and I learn rush hour commuting. That is not a fair trade!


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  1. Great opportunity for Rose. She will remember it (and your words).

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