Sweating It

They say, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” but when it is in the 90s, I tend to sweat the small, medium, and big stuff. Monday’s first day of camp for my daughter was a success. She got into the car talking about collecting eggs from the hens who tried to peck her friend and taking care of lambs and carding wool. She clearly had a good time. Then her “But it wasn’t very good” drive kicked in and she started focusing on one event that upset her. After working through that a bit, I returned her focus to all the fun she had.

I had plenty of time to do this as we were stuck in rush hour traffic. Even with the AC on in the car, it was hot and not the most pleasant ride. I also noticed my daughter taking sips from her water bottle which was great because she was probably dehydrated from the day. However, she doesn’t have great bladder control yet, and we were in the new car.

We finally got home, and it felt a bit warm in the house. Sure enough, the AC in the house was not working. I called our miracle working HVAC guy. He told me he’d be there in an hour, so I got dinner, bath and bed finished in that time. When I came down, he had just pulled up outside. He quickly diagnosed the immediate problem and fixed it. There may be more work later, but at least I won’t have fried the kids over night.


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