A Matter of Time

45 minutes four times daily. That is three hours a day. Over four days, that is twelve hours. Add in an extra hour for the one time I took the wrong road and got stuck in horrendous rush hour stop and go. Add in an hour and a half for the time I had to drive to and from the auto repair shop after destroying a tire on the car. Now we are up to fourteen hours. Over four days, 96 hours, let’s subtract eight per day for sleep (ha ha ha ha ha). This leaves 64 waking hours over these four days. Fourteen is almost 22% of that time spent driving to and from my daughter’s camp and dealing with the auto repair. Round it out to say that I have spent a quarter of my time in four days driving.

I know that many parents do so much more driving than this, but I have worked to eliminate as much driving as possible from my day. This is partly an environmental choice, and in Boston, it is also a mental health choice. On the other hand, my daughter is so excited to take care of animals during the day that it makes it worth it in the short term. I could not do this on a regular basis, though.


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  1. Makes you appreciate your usual mode of existence. Driving in traffic makes me crazy. I’m glad Rose is loving her farm camp. Is this the last week?

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