Last week, I went to purchase a present for one of my daughter’s classmate’s birthday. I stepped in the toy store, and immediately saw a bunch of things I’d love to have, things I’d love for my kids to have, and thing I’d love to share with them. Oh, and I still had to find a present for this other kid.

Eventually, I settled on Race to the Treasure by Peaceable Kingdom. Besides the 100% recyclable box and components and the cooperative nature of the game play, I love that the it introduces several key game concepts. Players build a path to collect tokens and reach the goal before the ogre does. The ogre moves by random cards drawn by the players. Also, the game setup involves a grid, so grid orientation is taught as well.

It plays well, and it is chock full of skills and concepts that will apply to games later on. There will be games later on!


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