Ferry Day

Tuesday was ferry day. We meandered down to the waterfront by taking the red line to the green line and walking from Haymarket stop. My son again was up for walking to the T and then to the ferry dock. He did complain some, and I had to carry him on my shoulders to hurry up for the ferry I thought was arriving. It was not, so we got to sit on the dock and watch the boats go by for a while.

When the ferry did arrive, we boarded it and had to pay the full round trip adult fare of $16. The kids ride free. Often, the ticket takers don’t charge for the round trip. Thus with the two T rides, the grand total of the day’s adventure stood at $20. That is really not bad considering we got two boat rides that took us by islands, under bridges, close to the Fore River Bridge project, and on the return trip by the airport. Trains, boats, planes on approach to land right over our heads: what could be better?

The Boston Harbor Cruise that passes many of the same islands runs $67 per adult and $57 per child, and we wouldn’t have seen the awesome construction at the bridge or the airport.


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