Grumpy Driver

Wednesday was supposed to be some quick errands and then off to an island in the Boston Harbor. How very far from that simple plan the day veered. It took a while to get the clan going in the morning, so I put off the errands to the afternoon. I did manage to upload some files to be printed at the UPS store, a first time process for me, so it took quite a while. After some research, I discovered that the nifty bridge we crossed under in the ferry led to two islands that were not publicly accessible. One has a police firing range, and the other has some drug rehabilitation and homeless shelters on it. Instead, I decided at that point to go to Castle Island which has no castle and is not an island. We then drove, because I thought it would be faster that taking the train and a bus. How wrong I was.

Getting there was only slightly aggravating, and upon arrival the fog, getting to look inside the fort, skipping rocks in the calm ocean, watching seagulls eat crabs, and watching crabs scurry in the water all made the trip worth while. The drive back, however, probably balanced all of that wonderful out. Every road I took was under construction or just backed up.

After my son took a three hour nap, we set out for some quick errands. I didn’t realize how close to rush hour I was, but that soon became apparent. First stop was the UPS store to pick up my print outs. Evidently, the system was broken, so there was nothing there. I then headed to Home Depot to get some replacement water filters and some kite string. It appears that kite string is no longer sold at area stores. No toy stores, no hardware stores, and no craft stores have had it. Ah, well. Here I come, Amazon. I then slowly made my way to the grocery store to pick up essentials, and by the time we got back home we were well into bath and bed time. I prepped the meal, the kids picked at it, and then I just skipped bath.

I spent way too much time in the car, and I am all the more grumpy for it. I will try to make Thursday a normal car-free day.

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