Thursday, the last day of my solo parenting gig for the week came after a fairly difficult day, so I decided to keep it close to home. I thought we would visit the Harvard Natural History Museum after dropping off my files at yet another printer to get printed. Though it threatened to rain all week, it had held off, so we set off in good spirits to catch the bus under gray but unassuming skies. The combination of rush hour traffic that slowed the bus to a crawl with the gradually increasing rain was a harbinger of things to come. We did manage to get to the copy place, a block from the bus terminal, fairly dry. As we walked from there toward the museum, the rain got worse. I unpacked the raincoats, but at a certain point, we were just getting soaked. We weren’t even a quarter of the way there, so I changed plans and headed to a nice small art collection that we could nip in for a while. I thought that we could kill some time there while the print job was finishing rather than coming back down in the afternoon to pick it up. The art collection was closed. So I took the kids to au bon pain for croissants and to collect my thoughts. They loved it, and really they loved walking in the rain, too. We stopped to watch a street resurfacer tearing up the roadway and throwing it via conveyer belt into a dump truck. After getting my prints, I took the kids back home for lunch and nap/quiet time.

We still hadn’t gone to CVS for the emergency purchase of diapers, so in the afternoon, I set off with the kids to nearby Davis Square to do that errand. We stopped by Pemberton Farms on the way home to grab a few ingredients for dinner, and the kids were enchanted with the carp in the display pond in the nursery section of the store. Surrounded by flowers, herbs, and vegetables, we took our time wo watch the fish swimming about, and each time the same fish passed by, they elicited exclamations of surprise and joy from my kids.

It seems that water was intrinsically intertwined with my plans for the day; I just didn’t know it when I woke up.


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