Cry Uncle!

I have no idea if this is the actual watch, but it is a lot like this. The kids can’t get enough of the seconds and minutes going by on the different belts within the watch.

As happens fairly often, my wife’s brother and his wife were in town for the weekend. They stopped by on both Saturday and Sunday, and the kids had a blast with their uncle who will give them foot rides, share his intriguing watch, and much more. The kids’ aunt spent some quality time with my daughter who is always ready for one-on-one attention. My daughter suggested cleaning the playroom, and her aunt gamely agreed to help with the task.

It is great to have family visit and to have the kids build their relationships with uncles, aunts, grandparents, and cousins. Soon we will be heading to my home to give the kids and my dad  and mom get a chance to have time together.


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