Reading and Writing

LettersMy daughter is zooming in her reading and writing. Whatever she was slowly putting together inside her head is now spilling out in joyful accomplishment. She love to decode words, and I can almost see the light bulb turn on when she moves from making letter sounds to recognizing the word she is reading. Her laugh after seeing a bunch of letters turn into a word is priceless.

She is also diving into writing. On Monday, she addressed an envelope. I printed out some letter practice pages, and she is bouncing around in anticipation of doing them. I also looked around for a free font that had dots to trace as well as the arrows for the directions. I didn’t find anything I liked, so I purchased a font that had dotted letters, dotted letters with arrows, and solid letters. I look forward to making many practice handwriting sheets individualized to what my daughter, and eventually my son, are interested in at the moment. This is the icing on the cake of parenting.

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