Where Did the Spoons Go?

Hey diddle diddle,
The Cat and the fiddle,
The Cow jumped over the moon.
The little Dog laughed,
To see such sport,
And the Dish ran away with the Spoon.

When my wife and I moved in together after I joined her in Boston, we merged our households. This included using some things we had and starting fresh with others. At that point, we really didn’t think we needed more than 8 place settings of anything, but as it turns out, we now go through small spoons and forks at an amazing rate. We have even lost a few teaspoons, and that exacerbates the situation when we need to feed the kids. Finally, we decided to get a new set of flatware, with enough settings to get us through a few days, and convert the old set to lunchbox duty where getting lost will not be such a big deal.

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