Scheduling Summer

Summers of my childhood were fairly unstructured except for the long family vacations we took in the car and camping. I remember lots of going to the library and pool, eating popsicles, and running through sprinklers. One summer later in elementary school, I attended the city run summer camp for a session. After that I either worked or was scheduled.

My wife and I have had our summer zoom by. We trade off getting work done with taking care of the kids. We finally scheduled in a few days to have family outings before the summer disappears completely, but it is a far cry from my memories of driving as a family to mountains or beach and camping there together.

Perhaps there was a lot more hectic planning that I never saw, perhaps my memories are seen through rose tinted lenses, and perhaps we will do more of this when my son is a tad older. I wonder what my daughter’s perception of this summer is.

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