New Books

The books I requested arrived at our across-the-street branch library. At this point, when the kids only pick their own books, we get some pretty bad ones that promote gender and race stereotypes among other issues. While they do pick sometimes, I regularly do some research and request books from the system that are not shelved at our small branch. 

Creepy Carrots is the favorite so far of this group. This whimsical story, written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Peter Brown, tells the story of a bunny who loves to eat carrots, but he is haunted by creepy carrots. The ending makes this a very digestible book for both of my kids who enjoy seeing the orange everyday items appear to be creepy carrots. 

Stuck continues the trend of funny books. In this one by Oliver Jeffers, a boy gets his kite stuck in a tree. He then throws a shoe up to knock it down. The other things that get tossed up there move from the normal to the ridiculously funny. My kids laugh to see the boy throw ladders and even a saw up into the tree. My son especially likes the orangutan. 

Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature is lovely with illustrations by Beth Krommes who also illustrated The House in the Night. However, it came up short in terms of integrating the ideas behind spirals into the kid section of the book. There is a section afterward for adults, but between this and Wild Fibonacci, I have been fairly disappointed. What I am really looking for is a way to translate Vi Hart’s work to a children’s book. 

The last book, Extra Yarn, is one of those beauties that spans ages. It presents a simple tale of a girl who finds an endless box of yarn and knits sweaters for everyone and everything in her town. She transforms the drab and dreary into a colorful and cozy place. There is an arrogant archduke who steals the box and finds it empty. Tied into this story, however, are many details in words and illustrations that elevate the book to a larger audience. 



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