Wednesday, No Thursday!

The boardwalk where we ate lunch and then walked to the lake.

I was all packed and ready to go on a massive trip that included stopping in at Ikea to supplement our wood trains and then driving to Hull to visit with friends. I looked at my email to get directions and realized the get together was for Thursday. So I left the swimsuit bag home, took the food and diaper bag, and hit the road for Ikea with the idea of finding a nice park to play in and have lunch. Ikea was great as my son tried out every chair in the chair section, we got new trains, we got out without buying much more, and the kids were walked to a good state of tired. The park we found had a great lake with a beach. That is when the spontaneous nature of our plan fell apart. If I had brought the swim bag, we would have had a dip. Oh, well. The kids played on the playground and had lunch. We dipped our toes in the water and headed home. I expected my son to sleep on the ride, but as luck would have it, he nodded off only at the end. With a lot of excited pointing out of trivial things he could see from his window, I kept him awake for the last few miles and got him down for a late nap. He slept for 3 hours. All in all, a good day, and Thursday is already planned.


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