Long Cycles

Today’s Pick Your Own

Recently, perhaps even today, a friend from my past and with whom I worked on computers posted this amazing composite of a year’s worth of days at 10 second intervals. It is simple, and yet one can find quite a lot to think about when watching it. This montage collects a year’s worth of cycles into one frame, and in doing so it cause me to have a small, FB, connection with a part of my life that has in its own way come back to me now that I am working as a educational technologist.

This blog is now close to bridging two years of daily posts, and in it I find other cycles that evolve as the kids get older. Today, we went to the farm, and this weekly cycle, as long as the earth is pushing out produce, is a great grounding in the natural rhythms around us. We see the slow change of vegetables cross our path from picking in the field to eating at home. The same cannot be felt in a grocery store with all of the other, out-of-season, non-local produce mixed in. At the farm, the kids and I get a real sense of what the ground where we stand feels like pushing out. Year by year, this symphony gets a little more clear, and in its complexity becomes more beautiful.

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