Sleep Walking and Such

My wife and I have embarked on the adventure of helping my daughter learn how to wake up at night and use the toilet. She is such a sound sleeper that no amount of wetness or discomfort wakes her. For a short while, we have been getting her out of bed and helping her to the toilet around 9:00. This is usually before she relieves herself in her nighttime pullup but late enough to be fairly productive. Throughout the process, she is asleep and walks with eyes closed and mouth making little chomping sounds.

Wednesday night, I got her out of bed, got her to the toilet, and was walking her back to bed when things took a turn for the funny. As I got her blanket ready, she took a right turn instead of a left and crawled into my son’s bed which is located where hers used to be. I was beginning to wonder where she went when I heard the disgruntled squeak from my son. I quickly lifted her out of there, put her in her own bed, and replaced the covers on both kids. They stayed asleep. Perhaps I should wake her fully to encourage that state of awareness around peeing and walking in general.


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