Modeling Failure

It is important to model how one deals with failure, and today I had a grand stage to do so. I started the day thinking I was going to hang a fun fan in the kids’ playroom, but as it turned out, I got the opportunity to repeatedly model how to deal with failure.

When I removed the light fixture, I was greeted by six wires. That is a few too many for the standard switch showing, so there must be a hidden junction box where a two way switch used to be. After taking the fixture off, the two wires that were twisted together arced and shorted out the circuit. I separated them, taped them, and threw the breaker back on. I then pulled out my voltmeter to see what wires were live and managed to short the circuit again. This time, however, I did some damage somewhere because when I threw on the circuit nothing happened. Only the melancholy beeping of battery backups from the office let me know that both rooms were now without power.

Then I got to model the futility of trying to find an electrician on a Sunday.


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