This weekend, I travelled to Indiana to be with friends with whom I have built community for over two decades. Though I have moved, my roots in the Midwest contra community are as deep as anywhere else.

On the flight to Indy I read a book for school, and one part jumped out at me. In this community, I belong. I can fully be myself and relax without worrying about being judged. Not only that, but people are genuinely excited to see me.

Saturday morning I awoke at my conditioned time, but no children were charging in. The sun peaked into my tent, so I got up and made my way down to the lake. I was the first there, and I paddled a canoe through the rising mist and bright moon reflection to the fossil rich beach on the other side. As much as being with the people at this weekend nourishes me, this chance to be in solitude in an anchor place of my life while it showed off its natural splendor opened a direct connection to my spirit.

I return home somewhat sleep deprived and sore from dancing to the early morning, but a deep part of my soul is replenished. I know that soon I must find ways of sharing the disparate pieces of this experience with my family and the hopefully welcome them to one of my most powerful joys.


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