Wow OWL!

On Thursday, I started reading the Our Whole Lives (OWL) curriculum for K-1. It is so well written, and the values embedded in it are spot on. I really hope to wrap my head around it by mid winter and find some like-minded families to go through the curriculum together. Clearly, very few schools, and certainly the school across the street, won’t dig into gender, family, body, and other topics in the way this curriculum will, and that is an issue.

“Children develop a sense of their sexuality and basic values about sexuality during the first five years of their life.”

“Leaders of children in this age group are among the first adults outside the family to have a strong influence on children’s perception of the larger community.”

This adds up to children will develop a sense of things like gender roles, body image, family structures, and more whether they are explicitly taught or not. At Kindergarten and grade 1 and before, these concepts are being modeled by powerful people in their lives, and balancing these voices with our own is crucial for our values to foundational for our children.


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