books, books, books, books

New books from the library. Our nanny who is carrying us over until we sort out our year’s care brought some Curious George books as well as a few others to the house from the library. This coincided with my refreshing of the books we had on hand. My selections included:

The yellow one looks like the other blops, but this page allows for a great discussion of why the other ones are blops, too.

The favorite of the four so far is I Am Blop! by Hervé Tullet. The book itself is shaped differently than other books and goes on from there to challenge stereotypes through the characters of blops. The kids just like the name, “Blop” and keep repeating it throughout the story.

The Diary of a Wombat, a book we already had on our shelves unbeknownst to me, is a cute story of a wombat taking on his new human neighbors as pets who are trained to feed him. My daughter didn’t grasp the humor in the wombat perspective, but she liked the drawings and how much the wombat slept.

The classic Sendak book, In the Night Kitchen, came a few days later, but it has already grabbed the kids’ imagination. Milk in the batter, indeed!

I found the last book while looking for multicultural books. What I found was a creative masterpiece that happens to be multicultural. Mirror by Jeannie Baker tells the story of a day in the life of a family in Australia and a family in Morocco. The book is really two books that open simultaneously and show the same parts of the day for each family. The similarities and differences are easy to find, and the exquisite cut paper illustrations with no text allows children of any age to appreciate the stories.



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