Stretch of Four

The fun begins. This year, my wife is undertaking quite a bit with a new masters and training for her job the following year. This means lots of reading and prepping, and it means quite a few nights of work through the dinner-bath-bed time. This week, I get Monday through Thursday after taking the kids during the day quite a bit over the weekend. There are positives and negatives to this increased solo time. One positive is that we are finding a rhythm as a threesome, and the evenings are going more smoothly than other solo nights before. It also somewhat makes up for not being home two days a week with my kids, but the evening is not really a nice trade off for the two days. It is time together, however, and making the best of it will be important moving forward and for a long time. The kids are adjusting to not seeing Mommy as much, but they are still figuring that out. I think our son’s early morning, read 4:30ish, forays into our room are a reflection of this.


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